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High Performer ́s Health & Lifestyle Coaching - 30 years experience!

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The body has an innate power to heal itself once we identify and cleanse the “interfering” elements responsible for disrupting the body’s biochemical balance.

Only Nature's Power is 100% convincing and sustainable. Without side effects.

Natural therapies are therefore the foundation for BodyBrain’s approach to rehabilitation.

The Endorphin kick and energy boost my client ΄s experience, when responding to biochemical transformation, beats all drugs.

Some call it miracle. I call it a natural short-cut.
Do you experience a high level of stress ? Do you have symptoms of toxicity from environmental “poisons” and lifestyle challenges?

I have developed specific therapies for High stress professionals, such as Executive Managers, Business Owners, High Performance Athletics, Artists, and people with demanding jobs and careers.

During my 30 years of clinical practice, I have treated people from all walks of life. The common
denominator for all of my clients is STRESS and TOXICITY.

Do you have symptoms of TOXICITY? Check our page if you are toxic!
  • Personalised nutritional program.

  • Detox / Body Cleansing.

  • Balanced Biochemistry.

  • Stress treatments.

  • Functional Medicine laboratory testing.

  • Mental - Emotional balance.


active health systems

active health systems

better healthStress Symptoms
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high performance health THE BOOK

Have you lost your energy?
Here are some stress & burnout symptoms:

  • Fatigue

  • Sleeping problems

  • Bad psychology

  • Depression (or just forget how to laugh)

  • Look & Feel 10 years older than your chronological age

  • Lack of focus

  • Emptiness

  • Addictions to caffeine

  • Stomach & Digestive issues

  1. Decrease and release pains and blocks.

  1. Improve overall functions of organs and systems.

  1. Increase energy and endurance.

  1. Improve clarity and creativity.

  1. Find your direction for inner balance.

High Performance Health: Ten Steps to Mastery with Physiology

ten steps to mastery with psysiology

Watch the trailer
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Sleeping problems
inner balance
This book gives you all the tools, reasons and methodology to keep your brain and body in excellent condition.
Prevent illnesses, produce new energy! Be aware of what is most precious to you. Without good health there is no good life.

I thank the authors for their thorough research and sharing their knowledge with us.

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produce new energy Testimonials

"The awareness of how important healthy food is, has given me an enormously increased performance and efficiency! With a great balance in the body & mind, ideas transform to good results. Climbing "mountains" feels easy like "just do it!” No resistance in life, with a "flow" in body and mind. All my friends and my employees are very, very satisfied. Enthusiastic is the word"

- Eva Olsson - Director & Owner of several expanding coffeeshops/restaurants of Gothenburg, Sweden, such as Fröken Olsson's, Eva's Paley & Condeco Coffee shop's.