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Maximize your greatest potential in business and life with your personal High Performance Life Style Coach.
All successful people today have trainers and supportive people around them. The highest of performers have an entire team regardless of whether they have the objective of winning the Olympic Games, writing a book or getting to the highest level within their own business or career.
Life Style CoachHigh-performers know when they should be on stage and in the spotlight, it's a fact that health is their top priority. There is no substitute.
Why do high-performers invest in personal trainers, psychologists, doctors, dentists, etc. and expand their private health insurance in order to have quick access to a team of top health experts?
Because it’s necessary to take preventive measures, but its also imperative that they maximise their health status in order to maintain their competitive edge and reach their highest goals.
We have all different types of insurance (ie. home, car, health) in case of a bad incident, but how many of us “invest” in our own health to ensure that our energy level and immunity do not deteriorate with age?
What are the goals and the best strategy for improving our most important asset, health, while enhancing, optimizing, and maximizing our brain function and refilling our energy reserves well before the first symptoms of declining health manifest themselves?
The time to change is now.
Ask for the help of a personal leadership trainer, therapist and life coach, who can take you to your highest peak in the most healthy and balanced way.
Based on my 30-year old clinical and private practice, on coaching High Performers, I can provide you with inspiration, knowledge and a personal toolbox that can give you greater control of your life ΄s ambitions, both personally and professionally.
Optimum performance requires optimum brain health and a balanced wellbeing!
Where there is optimal health, all other experiences in life, business and career can be enjoyed to the fullest.
This is your most important journey, your health journey.

Jill Karlsson Kazikos
Jill is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Therapist & Coach from Sweden.
She has more than 30 years of clinical experience in helping people rehabilitate from health crisis, life crisis, and burn-out to a better health & life.
She has worked with everything from individuals, groups, families, companies to great health projects with 1000's of people.
Many burnt-out managers and entrepreneurs have passed through her therapy and
Jill Karlsson Kazikos
She is strongly convinced that we can all reach our highest goals and dreams, and optimal health, with natural tools, if we put ourselves in focus.
Jill's goal is to inspire, educate and support people, to dare
Become the Boss of his life and his own health.
This with the help of 100's, natural, simple tools.
A unique, personal toolbox, which becomes part of the person's everyday life.
That helps the person to balance his condition in all situations in life.
Jill saved herself, already as a 20-year-old, from a so-called incurable autoimmune disease and the judgment to sit in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.
She is fully convinced of the human being's own healing power.
Jill is the founder of BodyBrain Clinic and Andrum Cafe´ in Gothenburg.
BODYBRAIN Clinic which helps highly stressed executives, and entrepreneurs, with health rehabilitation.
Andrum Cafe (1990) was the first non-smoking, organic, and really health conscious restaurant in Sweden. Its still very popular.
Today she works internationally with Personal Health and Lifestyle Coaching.
Primarily for high-performing entrepreneurs, managers, artists, musicians, therapists and elite athletes.
Jill has created new, unique tools to quickly reach mental clarity, doubles energy and efficiency in a completely natural way.
Extra Bonus is new health / healthier life and rejuvenation.
Common results are increased immune system, better mood & psychology, increased concentration, and sharper decision-making, especially in strategic decisions.
Also important is increased awareness of one's own body's warning signals & increased stress resistance.
Jill is a trained and licensed Biomedical Analyst in clinical chemistry, as well certified and authorised in Holistic Therapy and Nutrition Therapy.
Jill has written a book on the subject, HIGH PERFORMANCE HEALTH: Ten Steps to Mastery with Physiology. Buy the book on Amazon: HIGH PERFORMANCE HEALTH 

The body and the brain has an innate power to heal itself once we identify and cleanse the “interfering” elements responsible for dis-rupting the body’s biochemical balance.

Only Nature's Power is 100% convincing and sustainable. Without side effects. Natural therapies are therefore the foundation for BodyBrain’s approach to rehabilitation.
Most of my clients experience an Endorphin kick and energy boost when responding to biochemical transformation. They say it beats all drugs. Some call it a miracle. I call it a natural short-cut.
I believe all of us have a gold mine of energy to dig from, to keep us alert, happy and focused all day long. We just need to learn how to nourish and sustain this supply of energy at a high level.
I also believe in our own body and brain ΄s natural self-healing power. We just need to learn and understand how to support and balance our most im-portant biological systems, such as our blood sugar balance, to optimize our individual abilities. My experience shows that 9 out of 10 health-problems can be reduced or healed with natural methods.
I believe in practicing health every day; it is the surest road to happiness.
A healthy and happy person has many wishes. An ill or unwell person has only one wish. Start your active health journey today. It’s never too late.
I extend a warm welcome to all who would like to begin the journey of health and encourage you to contact me for an initial appointment today.
Jill Karlsson Kazikos
Health & Lifestyle Coach for High Performers

Health is your greatest wealth!




Jill Karlsson Kazikos 
Biomedical Scientist
Holistic Therapist
Nutrition Therapist
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