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brain exposed to chronic stress
Example of brain exposed to chronic stress for many years.
healthy brain
Example of a healthy brain.
After years of chronic stress our body and brain can be depleted of nutrition and overloaded of toxins because of reduced functions of our organs and systems.

We have less natural ability to expel toxins. We can become and feel “toxic”.
Do you feel toxic? 
Stress signals/symptoms
Burnout warning signs
Signs of toxins in body & brain =Toxic stress
Except the symptoms of stress & burnout, you can also experience these signs
Bad breath
Excessive eating
Low energy
Emotional & Physical exhaustion
Bad body odour
Short temper
Swollen face
Bad psychology
Sensitive to light & noice
Swollen eye lids
Inability to focus
Brain fog
Black circles around eyes
Reduced memory
Memory loss
Bags under eyes
Stomach issues
Sinus congestion
Need to sleep in the day
Hair loss
Looks & feels older
Looks 10 years older
Extra kilos seems to stay forever,even diets
Weightloss or gain
Kilos are stucked
Feeling sluggish
Less productive
Emptiness, Isolation
Muscle/joint pain all over
Frequently head aches
Aches & Pains
Lower back pain
Heart problems
Never rested
Pimples, unclear skin, wet skin
Drinking more
Drinking to relax
Less flexibility
Sugar addiction
Addiction to drugs
Learning disabilities
Caffeine addiction
Need caffeine to wake up
Menstrual pains and irregularities
Excessive eating or very little
Loss of appetite
...and there are many more symptoms of chronic stress and toxins.
You will learn more in the program!
Smoking more
Loss of sex drive


Weak potency
Frequent infections,shortness of breath and chest pain
These are some of the common symptoms of overload of toxins. The brain and the body have become so toxic that the body's elimination organs cannot excrete enough toxins. This can lead to chronic disease.
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BODYBRAIN can help you…
Reach your highest potential of health and well being mentally, physically and emotionally.
• Increase your energy, stamina, efficiency and productivity
• Improve clarity and creativity
• Better mood and psychology
• You will be better prepared for stress, burn out and diseases
• Decrease and release pains and blocks
• You will increase your self - esteem with a stronger and healthier body
• Find your direction for inner peace and balance
• You will rejuvenate your internal organs and can turn back your biological clock 15-20 years
You will become a better leader by being a great example for people around you.
Bodybrain gives you the inspiration and knowledge to take charge of your life, your health and your work. Creating a balance between these three.
Your health is your most important business!
My most important tool is to teach and help you optimize your brain health; balance your body systems and your metabolism. Then clears the brain, the body strengthens and heals itself. It finds its own individual biochemical balance.    
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Jill Karlsson Kazikos
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