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What people are saying about BODYBRAINWhat people are saying about BODYBRAIN…
"The awareness of how important healthy food is, has given me an enormously increased performance and efficiency! With a great balance in the body & mind, ideas transform to good results. Climbing "mountains" feels easy like "just do it!”
No resistance in life, with a "flow" in body and mind. All my friends and my employees are very, very satisfied. Enthusiastic is the word"
- Eva Olsson - Director & Owner of several expanding coffeeshops/restaurants of Gothenburg, Sweden, such as Fröken Olsson's, Eva's Paley & Condeco Coffeeshop's
"Jill is an incredibly, opened, compassioned, intuitive and generous person! I fully recommend you to safely leave yourself into Jills hands & knowledge."
- Eva Bergman - a Swedish famous film, theatre and television Director.
"Jill is a modern Hippocrates. She has a genuine knowledge about Holistic Thinking, which means both body and mind. Jill has helped me to become the leader of my own life today!"
- Suzanne Tengberg - Personal Coach in Ettstegitaget ("Step-by-Step")-Previous Human Resource Manager at Volvo Technology Development, Sweden
"The most important thing I should say about the treatment I received from Jill is: I finally feel like my old self again. In fact, I feel like “re-born again,” as though I got a new lease on life. I also feel freer, safer, and more independent because I can control my health destiny.
When I first met Jill I had very serious symptoms, which I had for years. Although I was using my medications, I was not getting better. I was seriously ill when I started the treatment. My energy was so low, that I could sleep all day long. The list with the problems was long: fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, intestinal problems, allergies, insomnia, brain fog, depression, hypothyroidism and those were just some of my health issues.
Jill’s holistic analysis also revealed that I was experiencing “burn-out” from a high stress job and juggling too many balls at once, including poor health.
After I started my holistic treatment with Jill, my health improved every day of the week. After only 3 months of treatment, I started to feel much better. Following 12 months of therapy, 18 out of 20 symptoms, including low energy, were gone!
I recommend Jill’s services wholeheartedly, because I am 90% recovered after only one year, and I feel one hundred times better and more effective since we first met and the treatment began. As a person, Jill is very open-minded, easy to talk to, as well as understanding, compassionated, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. She was always available when I needed her, and extremely supportive during a very difficult time in my life.
I consider her as my mentor in my health journey, who helped me to open many doors and make amazing discoveries on the way!"
- Svetlana Petrov-Previous Scientist at AstraZeneca, Sweden



Jill Karlsson Kazikos 
Biomedical Scientist
Holistic Therapist
Nutrition Therapist
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