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High Performance Health
Reveals ways to optimize your brain and physiology, your best and most important assets for improving your game and reaching your goals. In clear, actionable language, the authors demonstrate how the sharpness of our thinking and decision-making is directly affected by the foods we eat and our lifestyle.
When we work on the basics for achieving optimal health, we accelerate our ability to achieve results by improving our energy levels, motivation, and productivity—some of the defining characteristics of successful high Performers.
Sharpen your brain, and you sharpen your “competitive edge.”
Many of us look for that "competitive edge" by learning new skills, embracing new technology, and acquiring information.
However, we rarely think about using our own mental and physical state as tools that we can sharpen to get better results in whatever we pursue.
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Customer Reviews
"Anyone who lives life intensively should read this excellent book!
I am a doctor and surgeon and found High Performance Health extremely insightful, easy to read, and helpful for many of my patients. It opens new horizons on how to live a healthier life.
I am recommending it to all of my patients, especially patients who smoke, or who are depressed or obese. "
Panagiotis Delivorias MD PhD
Consultant, Bariatric surgeon
High Performance Health: Ten Steps to Mastery with Physiology
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"This book gives you all the tools, reasons and methodology to keep your brain and body in excellent condition. Prevent illnesses, produce new energy! Be aware of what is most precious to you. Without good health there is no good life.
I thank Jill and Denise for their thorough research and sharing their knowledge with us."
High Performance Health reveals how you can "up your game" and improve your energy, stamina, and productivity by mastering ten easy-to-follow steps for enhancing your physiology.



Jill Karlsson Kazikos 
Biomedical Scientist
Holistic Therapist
Nutrition Therapist
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